How to sew a fabric toy basket?

How to sew a fabric toy basket?

How to sew a fabric toy basket? Each child has toys, and each toy must be stored somehow. It turns out, however, that buying specialized containers for ecological toys does not have to be a necessity. You can make them yourself. How to sew a fabric toy basket?

Is a fabric toy basket a good idea?

Before we start working on the basket, we may have doubts whether sewing it from the material is definitely a good idea? Much depends on what we need it for. For example, a children’s playhouse is unlikely to fit into such a basket. However, we can easily place all smaller toys in it. It is about ecological toys as well as all kinds of blocks, dolls, cars, drawing accessories or even teddy bears. In most cases, a fabric basket for toys will be a good idea.

What are the advantages of a self-made basket?

The great advantage of such a basket is that you can sew it yourself. And this has other advantages. What? First of all, we have complete freedom when it comes to the size of the basket. This means that by choosing such a basket for toys made of fabric, we are not limited by the sizes of this type of product available on the market. Regardless of the size of the room – we will adjust our basket to it. We can sew it so that it fits perfectly, down to the centimeter, in the place chosen for it. In this way, we do not lose any valuable space in the home. What’s more, we can also choose materials from which we will sew a basket.

This means that regardless of the style of the room – the basket will certainly fit perfectly. All you need to do is choose the right fabrics. In this way, we can freely combine our favorite patterns and colors, we are not limited by changing fashion and capricious trends. We decide what our fabric toy basket will look like. The price is also an important plus. Ready-made fabric toy baskets are simply very expensive. Buying a fabric and sewing it on the machine or manually will be much cheaper. Especially if we have doubts whether the basket will work in the long run, it is a great solution that will save us from unnecessary waste of money.this is a great solution that will save us from unnecessary waste of money.this is a great solution that will save us from unnecessary waste of money.

What do we need to sew a basket for toys?

To sew a fabric toy basket, of course, we will need, above all, material. What material will it be? There is a lot of freedom here, which is a great advantage of making a basket yourself. We can follow our individual preferences in terms of color, pattern and texture. However, it is best if it is a waterproof and easy-to-clean fabric. We will need about 3 meters, although the final length of the purchased material will obviously depend on the size of the basket we sew. When sewing a basket for toys from a fabric, we also need something that will form its basis. Here, a frequent choice is a foam for panels or a tailor’s stiffener.

The point is to make the base quite thick and stiff so that the basket is stable. As for the size – it must be appropriate, to cut a circle the size of the target basket from it. Of course, we also need standard sewing equipment. Is a sewing machine necessary? It turns out not. Of course, it improves the work, but it is not necessary. We can also sew a basket for toys made of fabric by hand. However, we definitely need a needle and threads of appropriate colors. You will also need a white crayon or soap to draw a pattern on the fabric, an iron for ironing the fabric and pins that will hold the pieces of fabric together before sewing them together.

How to sew a fabric toy basket?

We start sewing the fabric toy basket from the base. We cut a circle of the appropriate size from foam for panels or a tailor’s stiffener, and then cut two slightly larger circles from the material from which we will make a basket. We put the wheels on a stiffener or foam and sew them so that they are closed in the center of the base of our basket. Next, we cut a rectangle from which we will sew the basket. It must be slightly longer than the circumference of the circle forming the base of the basket. The number of layers of the material depends on our preferences. We can make a soft basket from one layer of material, but then it may not be aesthetically pleasing. A basket of two layers will look nicer. If, on the other hand, we want the basket to be stiff, we can use foam or a stiffener.

This time we cut out a rectangle like the ones that were cut out of the fabric.It is enough to insert the stiffener between two pieces of fabric and sew it all over. We will get a relatively stiff rectangle. It only remains to sew its edges, and then sew them to the round base. After turning inside out, we get a nicely presented basket for toys made of fabric. We can finish the basket by sewing the edges with a trim in the selected color. If this is our wish, we can also add fabric or rope handles, or even a clasp.